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Asv 02 rubber raincoat motor variation
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Specification of Asv 02 rubber raincoat motor variation

Accessories Motor Raincoat ASV 02

Raincoat is a motorcycle accessories that are used to protect against rain. Raincoat ASV 02 has the function of minimizing the ingress of water on parts of the body and clothing. One of the best raincoat ASV 02 is made of rubber. You may not be home when buying a raincoat, choose from the best quality material and makes you comfortable and not easily torn or damaged when subjected to heavy rain.

Specifications Raincoat ASV 02

- Raincoat ASV 02 has a rubber base material that is not hollow so as to make the water will not enter.
- At the pants at the waist, made from mesh fabric that can be used when the air vents.
- Equipped with a zipper and buttons that are designed specifically for use raincoats to avoid seeped in the chest.
- Have a flexible material.
- Comfort when using it no doubt because of ventilation is already available.


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